Learn about COD

What is COD?

COD is the Conference Organizing Distribution, used for building conference and event sites online. COD is built on Drupal, the highly-regarded open source content management system.

COD is an open source software project led by Acquia.

What can you do with COD?

  • Get a complete conference and event site, that you can then customize.
  • Sell tickets or event registration (or allow free signups). Full e-commerce is included, if you want to sell workshop attendance or physical goods too.
  • Collect user-submitted sessions/talks. Attendees can vote on sessions to help you assess the popularity of each session.
  • Display a robust configurable event schedule, with multiple tracks.
  • Collect and display sponsor logos in footers or sidebars (with linked sponsor pages).
  • Change the look with your own custom theme or a pre-built theme.

Each component is independent of each other: you can disable the features you don't need.
Read more about COD benefits, COD's features compared to other event software solutions and COD's focus.

Who can use COD?

Anyone who is willing to use Drupal for their site! COD is free to download. You can use the entire COD package to build a site from scratch in Drupal 6, or you could intall individual Features from the COD package to an existing Drupal 6 site.

If you want a Drupal 7 version of COD, you can help sponsor it, or if you're a Drupal developer, you can host a sprint.

If you want help building your conference or event site, contact us.

Where COD is used?

We have a long list of sites built with COD, including many DrupalCamps, DrupalCon Chicago, the Meego Conference and the Brisbane Innovation Camp 2010.

COD documentation

COD Documentation is on Drupal.org. It's not complete, but contributions to COD docs are welcome!

If you are 'floundering' contact us.

COD system requirements

COD has been tested extensively with this configuration:

  • PHP 5.2
  • MySQL 5
  • Apache
  • Apache mod_rewrite module for clean urls

COD should also work with general system requirements for Drupal 7.

Want to download COD?

Download the complete COD package from Drupal.org. This includes Drupal 7core software, contributed modules, COD Features, COD-specific configuration and the JQuery UI library.

COD is not about fish

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